Sunday, February 1, 2009

Food, hair, Beauty finds and other mumbo jumbo


First yesterday was AMAZING!!!!! I planned out my meals meticulously!

B: frosted strawberry shredded wheat and soy milk

S:Luna Morning Vanilla almond Bar and apple slices

S2: (I worked a 10 hour management shift and it was busy too busy for a real meal) string cheese and apple slices

L: 1 chicken wing, 1/2 c. red beans and rice, and 1/2 c. okra

D: Qdoba naked chicken burrito no rice, sub lettuce and a brownie yum!!!!

and I was done for the day or so I believed until a late night phone call to my BF had us running out at 11 pm to some random club in Milwaukee with his friends! alcohol consumption *sigh* ruined my ever so thought out plan not to mention the rueben I ate at 4 am when we moved over to the next location...the casino! *sigh* I think those calories kinda roll over to today's since it was past midnight so I don't have a lot of options today good thing it's 2pm and I'm just getting up. I think I'll stick to H20 all that alcohol made me dehydrated.


last night I was feeling rather hmmmm...unattractive, and BROKE! I was thinking about my make-up purchases and how I gotta curb my spending and still put forth effort to look hot. That clinique I have is a tinted moisturizer. My friends say I don't need foundation at all, but I just like the coverage. There's a girl I work with who has never paid more than 12 dollars for any makeup she's purchased and she was the most adorable well put together manager in our crew. She told me she uses Dream matte mousse foundation. I decided to look it up and check it out. Of course around 9 pm I was at walgreens making the purchase so far I like it I used it for bar night last night. We'll see how it looks at work today if it's not hot...RETURN! I also bought Maybelliene shiny-licious in Raizn' Razzle, and a wet n' wild lip liner.


This is just a picture of some of the items in my new hair care regimen. Not pictured is my infusium 23 and olive oil mix I spray in my cornrows. I do that in the morning and at night, or whenever I feel moisture is needed. I keep my hair braided so I can't see major difference yet, but I can say I don't get anymore shedding at the nape and ends. The back used to feel horribly brittle and broken. Anytime I touched it I'd have hair in my hands. That's only after week 1! I am 17 weeks post relaxer (wow) and I get one sometime this coming week. Boy oh boy I can't wait to see what it looks like. Hope I'm not disappointed.

well that's all my ramble today toodles!

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  1. oh yes, that matte mousse is the business! It works like mac, i usually put some MAC studio fix on top. I am an N9
    girl alcohol is permissable when dieting just drink the right kinds and u will be fine.