Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ramblings part II

Okay so yesterday I went on a lil schpeel about everything and anything. Honestly I loved the feeling of it so here we go again:

1. I think my boyfriend has a disease...not like Rhianna-Chris Brown disease LMAO, but a serious sleeping issue. He can sleep for damn near sixteen hours straight. If there was a sleeping contest no doubt he'd be the last man snoring.

2. I've worked a 10 hour shift today with some of the cattiest, bitchiest servers known to man as I stated in yesterday's blog I really wanna punch somebody why is it that the only song that went through my head today as I worked was Biggy "somebody's Got to die"? Hmmm..very appropriate.

3. So I viewed 3 apartments yesterday the least attractive and grossest was the highest wtf?? you mean to tell me you want damn near 600 for a one bedroom that's tiny and has visible garbage and banana peels in the hallway hmm I'll pass

4.You know what I really want for dinner??? A big ass pitcher of water and a ruby red grapefruit...yep that's it

5. I just ate a green apple that's bigger than my fist (fyi I got a big ass fist...LOL)


6. I have a beauty complex....I'm adorable in a picture and so-so in real

7. Just a question when did 27 become old??

8. Umm my energy bill is 350 this month that is SO not normal for a 1 bedroom apartment wtf is REALLY Going on???

9. I'm not a big sneaker fanatic but Pastry kicks are adorable

10. I love make-up with a feverish hot passion, but my application needs help, I have very sensitive watery eyes, and I get sweaty fast so melt-down is damn near inevitable

10. I went to the gym tonight in spite of my cramps

11. .....and damn don't I feel ten times better about my crappy work day

12. Seriously can I get a freakin grapefruit please

13. My mama was 31 when she gave birth to me..and unlike every other 10 year old mother and 25 year old grandma I plan to do the same

14. I wanna buy Nars Orgasm blush simply so I can have an orgasm in my purse LMAO

15. My boyfriend is a musician....his late night beat making is the reason we need to move...if I must be honest

16. Is it just me or do you think etta james would bust her ancient foot up beyonce's ass? I mean if she anything like they potrayed her in Cadillac Records I know she still carries a blade..LOL


  1. This post made me laugh out loud! Damn girl, you are HIGH-larious. I think you get props for hauling your booty ot the gym and i think I have the same beauty complex; why do we look so damn good in a picture?! hahahhaa.

  2. girl you shouldn't have any beauty complex, u r BEAUTIFUL as well as MISS T. I am going to slap u guyssss-just kidding lol. U have a boyfriend and u have a beauty complex? no way girl, what women looking for a man would say then?lol be fears all the time as always! I am a member of hairlista too, i'll be looking for you there, in the meantime go check my site on fitness that i just started at, hope to see you there!

  3. My mom had me when she was 31, I love it b/c she doesn't pressure me at all to have kids.
    I think Etta James can kick Bey's butt. That's why Bey is in hiding... Notice she wasn't at the Grammy's. If 27 is old then I'm in trouble b/c that means I'm officially old. Thanks for stopping by my lil' blog!