Friday, February 13, 2009

Hair-y decisions and other beauty happiness

Okay so I complained about how I don't like dealing with my hair and how I was ready to braid it and tuck it away. Like all women I woke up this morning and changed my mind..LOL! I had to go to a funeral today and I woke up pretty late so there was no time for braids, wigs or weaves. I had to deal with what was growing right on top so I curled it (yeah I know, no more heat) did my make-up and headed for the door. My boyfriend commented on how nice I looked :) (which is something he must have meant because he says it SO rarely). So as I was driving I was wondering what was keeping me from just wearing my own hair. And you know what I couldn't come up with anything LOL. So after I cashed my paycheck I went to my fave health food store and bought some coconut oil. I loved how it felt when I applied it to my hair (dry) before I roller set it for the night. I can't wait to incorporate it into my DC regimen. I would like to try some bantu knot twist outs and a few other styles, but we'll see. I have never had a desire to do my hair ever in life. Even though I have always had a desire to have nice hair hmmm...go figure. I just have very thick coarse hair. I have never in my life had a hair dresser simply do my hair without commenting on how thick and coarse it is (whether the comment be positive or negative) I'm going to give putting it in my own hands for a while a whirl.

Lookie here I found the cutest nail color at Sally's today....China Glaze's Tempest. It's a gorgeous shimmery purple-y blue. Sorry I can't find a pic online and my batteries in the camera are dead. Well I'm done blabbing tonight. *muah*


  1. I LOVE coconut oil for my hair and yours will too...go to they have great tips on how to take good care of your hair and I love sallys! lol..thnx for subscribing<3

  2. LOL I'm posting about this in a minute. Wow, I paused just to see what everyone else (my subscriptions) is doing and boom there YOU go. Dang, I just bought a jar today from The Vitamin Shoppe.

  3. Hmmm... coconut oil, you say? I've fried the beJEEZUS out of my hair (something about dying it pink and red and dark brown over the course of 30 years... who woulda thunk?) and maybe coconut oil is going to be the trick?

  4. good luck! I loooooove me some coconut oil

  5. Hello Princessvalecia! "...and bought some coconut oil. I loved how it felt when I applied it to my hair (dry) before I roller set it for the night..."
    - Coconut oil for healthy beautiful hair? Well absolutely!

    Actually, long before it was discovered to possess incredible antimicrobial properties capable of killing even the HIV virus (AIDS), coconut oil was already busy giving countless communities healthy and beautiful hair AND skin as well. Just my two cents.

    Your Drugstore in a Bottle