Thursday, February 12, 2009

whats going on round' here

So I found a place whew! and all my day to day efforts involve packing up the place I've called home for the past 3 years. I HATE MOVING!!! HATE IT! HATE IT! HATE IT! IT IS JUST UGGGHH! There are no words for it I just don't like it, but then again new places mean new chances to decorate. I haven't had a chance to go to the gym but Honestly I would like to. I need the time to clear my head, so much is on my plate right now. I don't know if it's stress or what, but my desire to eat is dwindled, not in a bad way though maybe I'm eating the amount of calories that is fit for someone smaller than me but I'm not necessarily starving myself. Or am I?? Today I was called into work and had 2 pancakes there with a glass of 2% milk and a foot long subway veggie sub after work that's all I had and outside of a big ass ruby red grapefruit I want right now (yeah I've been craving grapefruit something ridiculous lately) and the one or two drinks me and the BF might have tonight I am for sure that I'm done eating for the day. I know that might barely be 1200, but I'm just not hungry. I can't force it.

Plus I have a man walking around my house who seems preoccupied with something, but has very little to say to me. It's pretty annoying. He get's into music mode and I become invisible. I hate to be a needy girl who constantly asks, "What's wrong?" "What are you thinking?" "Are You Okay?", but I find myself saying it simply because asking a question will get an answer and an answer reminds me that I don't live alone. GRRRRR! So Honestly I'm not too excited about Valentine's Day. Last year we were in a long distance relationship and now that we actually live, breath, and touch everyday reality kills that rose colored glasses view of what I thought we would be.*sigh*

On to other things I have put myself on a money diet so NO makeup purchases for a while, plus I haven't been able to find my check card (yeah I know) *smh* I'm dying to do a cherryculture and pure luxe haul after I'm settled with my move so that won't be for another month I guess.

and my hair.....has been exposed to the world for one whole week! Okay that was fun (sarcasm) time to braid it up and hide it again

Okay I'm done with my thoughts for the night. So I'll chat later....

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  1. WOW....I know sometimes things can get WAY too overwhelming! ESPECIALLY when living with a man!
    Really, I feel the exact same as you sometimes!
    I am so much more the person in the marriage ho loves the cuddles and the cooing....he loves his alone time and is also a musician so when in creative mode, i can't be around!
    I DO sound needy too often because I NEED the affection!!
    really, I think the love us more for that, the less affectionate of the relationship loves all the love they get!! I do hope you have a great V man is not romantic at all....I know mine wont be all that shimmery either but I do know I am loved as you are:)
    And um about those calories, you have to EAT!!
    1200 cals is prolly not enough!!