Friday, February 20, 2009

penny for my thoughts....Please???


Okay so not much has been going on here. I haven't been big into my workouts, but my eating has been fairly decent. I have been a good girl at staying in a caloric range of 1250-1600. I have been extremely busy with this whole moving thing and all my extra cash has went to that venture. I'm not very happy with that idea. As I sit her idle saving money my poor MAC wish list grows by the day, and so does my desire to get a sew-in weave (I swear looking at my hair everyday is my version of hell), and do a pure luxe and cherry culture haul. I haven't spent any unnecessary money since in the past two weeks. God I miss online shopping, random trips to Qdoba and Chipotle, and just sheer lightweight shopping recklessness and extra spending money. So rather than date night (which we so kindly alternate paying for in this household we chose to stay in tonight, watch a movie and eat turkey chili dogs and fries (yeah I know, but date night is usually my cheat meal day). So here I am in sweats with a St. Ives clay mask on while I'm DC'ing my hair feeling hella poor uuggh I can't wait till were settled in! The new mailman will be oh so acquainted with me, because I'm gonna have orders coming to the house every damn day. Okay breathe Vee this is just temporary and its very good for your wallet. That's what I have to tell myself to make it through okay I'm done rambling.

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  1. I know how you feel!!! I got paid 200-something dollars and it's all going to my credit card bill. Then I'll hve like 20$ but be debt free. haha. life is tough and penny-pinching is NO FUN!!!!! At least we'll see a bright light at the end of this tunnel at some point. Until then, take care of your face, hair and nails the best way you know how. This is good for your wallet and hopefully this will teach us a little humility and discipline. Those are NO NO FUN!! haha. SOrry boo, that's all I got...