Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This is my salad......

Without it I am nothing. Without me my salad is nothing.

So I have been pretty diligent about my caloric intake these last two weeks. I try not to go over 1650. I must confess I haven't been anywhere near the gym (which I partially blame on the BF. I believe he threw away both of my IPODs in the move process) But I've been kick ass about what I put in my mouth. Everyday I track my food on and realize that I don't eat nearly enough fruits and vegetables. Mainly veggies. It's not that I hate them. It's just that I kinda "forget" to incorporate them into my meals.

So I introduce to you the big ass lunch salad. It helps, and keeps me full longer than anything else I would have chose to eat instead, and I filled it with all my faves: grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, cucumbers, Saladena's Mediterranean Feta Cheese Crumbles and Kraft Fat Free Italian dressing.. I am known for demolishing a healthy salad with loads of dressing, but I nabbed the kraft light packets from work last night and 4 packets is still ONLY 60 calories!!! How hot is that. I paired it with a 1/4 c. of blueberries and a Quaker True Delight Toasted Coconut Banana Macadamia Nut Bar (Gotta try them they are to DIE for) and with all that being said my lunch was only 454 calories.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Recessionista Retail Therapy (pic heavy)

Okay okay so I haven't blogged in a week so much has been going on lately and hmm can't just figure where to start. First things first I knew that as soon as we got settled in the apartment our relationship would start going down the tubes.....I hope it's just a phase and we don't end up like the break-up. He needed his space (so he left town) and I needed a coping mechanism (so I went shopping). I didn't do too much damage and I think me time is really good for me. so here goes nothing......

Well you know how every woman has a shoe addiction??? I DON'T! I buy shoes for particular outfits sake. I have one pair of black heels. I actually had 2 pairs (the others were shiny patent leather stilettos) I wore them to an outta town funeral and by the time I got home one was missing (wtf) so yeah I don't have a lot of shoes. It doesn't help that my foot is big and wide so it's harder to find cute ones. I was looking around the infamous payless and these are what I found...
I Freakin love them and they give a short girl like me a Lil' height
My only qualm is that they are canvas, but I think they are just adorable and hey they only cost me $21.00! The price alone gives me no real room to complain. I got a few shirts too
I know it looks like a nightie but it's a shirt!!! I rocked it to a concert the other night with black cami under it.BTW $14.99 and here's the other
ehhhhh not sure about this one. I didn't try it on but worse comes to worse I'll just wear it to work. BTW $13.99. As you can see I've been on a big pink kick lately.
So lately my nails look like COMPLETE CRAP!! And it all came from those damn acrylics I used to LOVE them but now I'm so done. So I've benn nurturing my lil babies and they are still soft and extra weak, but they are coming around. I was heading out friday night and thought I'd paint my babies. So I bought a China Glaze in Jetstream
Gorgeous color but it's very sheer. I had to put on three coats to get the desired effect.

On to practical purchases... I'm really working on getting my hair in order and I've been hearing all the ladies of hairlista rave about HE LTR Leave-In conditioner, so I picked one up.
And Honestly this is the best Leave-in EVER!!!! My hair doesn't even know how it functioned without it. Ladies I suggest you ALL go get it....and finally purchase-wise...
Baby wipes!!! They are my make-up remover go to and it's never failed me. So after my session of retail therapy I feel a LOT better and I still have a huge checking account!:) Stay beautiful and healthy ladies!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

beauty boredom on a sunday

So the BF is still gone and I am starting to like this whole time away thing (not too much though). This morning I decided I'd swing by somewhere I have't been in a long time....CHURCH! Yeah that's kinda embarassing to say, but I haven't showed my cute chubby face there in awhile. So I made it to service today.Umm yeah I haven't been to church in so long that my minister's wife took a picture of me (according to her everytime I show up I look WAY different LOL.

So after service it was nice to know I had me time so I hit up the outlet mall and got a few goodies.

Old Navy had a bunch of stuff on clearance I got this shirt for $4.99 umm I don't dig it too much, but it works for work and hey it's only $4.99!

So then I had to hit up the CCO I didn't see much I wanted plus I still had on my heels from church and they were KILLING me. So I picked up a lipglass and jetted....Nico Now to be exact
It's a cute pink-blue with sparkles. VERY CUTE!!! I'm hella hungry haven't been too good to myself food wise. It's after 9 pm and I made some fish stick around 4 pm a serving size of 8 with a TB of ketchup so honestly I am famished....going to get some grub in my system....stay healthy and beautiful ladies

I LOVE her style!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My mini haul (for the week)

Okay so the BF is outta town with family and friends this weekend (Boooooo!) I'm still not used to the new place so this is very unsettling to be alone. So internet and cable have been my solace. I've just been watching Sex in The City and trying NOT to be scared of every sound I hear.
My sweetie bought me it NOT the SHIT!!!!
anywho...So let me show you the products I got this week.

without flash
with flash

So yeah I got my pure luxe order I'm pretty much in love with the colors. Don't plan on using them yet though. I'm out of MAC Fix+ and I really don't wanna use water on my gorgeous new colors (don't wanna ruin them) Anyway I suggest all you ladies check out I just began to have a little interest in mineral makeup so I decided to check these out. They have fabulous colors and those cute little samples I got are just $1.00 each! The colors are fabulous. Lately I've been big into shimmer so the ones I chose were heavy on that. I'm not big on swatches (actually I have never done one for camera until today, but here goes nothing......
Color names from top to bottom w/ website description:
Chocolate Blueberries: Muted brown base with blue interference.
Blue Jeans: Medium blue with a brighter blue highlight.
BL Asp: Blue version of Asp. Light taupe with sea green/turquoise interference.
Miss Understood: A periwinkle blue shade. When the light hits it, the base color looks violet and has a violet flash color.
Mermaid: Two-tone holographic color. Main color is a light seafoam green, the secondary color is a shimmering baby blue. When applied wet, the effect is reversed. Baby blue is the main color, with the green as the secondary color.

My pics don't do them justice they are wonderful colors. When I swatched I put UDPP on as a base and applied them with water, but I notice as I type and move they are easily rubbing off (boooo!) but the colors are just magnificent (oh well I guess everything has a pro and con) P.S. And I guess I will just continue using them with water since that's what the website suggested.

So yesterday was my dad's Birthday. I normally get in a really good mood on his birthday I tend to try to party it up for him. Do all the things he would do if he was still living. So my partying started at 11am. Sad to say I was ridiculously drunk by 2 pm. *smh* yeah I know pretty sad. My boyfriend was headed outta town and I figured I was to hung over to drive him so I had him drive there and me and my best friend tagged along and went to the MAC counter so that I can shake off my headache *yeah I know* Magically once I got to the counter my hangover was gone LMAO MAC tends to do that to me. Anyway I talked to the counter girl (Stacy...who by the way thinks I'm the funniest chick alive) and told her my issue with oiliness so we got a Blot Powder in Deep Dark. So far so good. I worked today and was kinda busy. Rippin around waitressing I tend to be a uber oily mess by the time I get home. Not so much today. But then again I did wear Monistat chafing get as my primer, and paired the Blot Powder with my MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NW43.
Right now I have my heart set on a fresco rose paint pot and Dollymix Blush. Stacy wasn't a fan of the Blush on me, but dammit I need it in my life I think it's gorgeous on moi (as much as I think she rocks counter girls don't determine my fly ass style)
Yeah I didn't get much this week, so that's about it. Stay healthy and beautiful *muah*

weight update

I've hit a ridiculous plateau. All the things I know and love about the changes in my weight and body have literally just STOPPED. Like seriously NOTHING is taking place. I can say the confidence that comes with a great workout hasn't changed. I have gotten down to the fact that I actually wanted to cancel my gym membership, but instead I thought of something much better. No pork, red meat and fried foods for a month. Maybe that will help with the metabolism. Maybe just maybe that will help. Either way I will NOT give up this is less about looks and more about my general health. I am every bit worth it.

Friday, March 13, 2009

happy birthday daddy

Today is gonna be really hard! I miss you dearly. Happy birthday!

Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm back finally

Hey guys... I missed u ladies so much...It's been a long time I shouldn't have left you.....well the move went Horrendous!!! Everything that could go wrong in a move did, but we finally made it through and I must say I love my new place. LOVE IT!!!! I am a lil eerie of new places though every sound I hear I assume is a mouse (and I swear if I see one I'm out the next day! But it's cute, kinda smaller than normal, but adorable nonetheless. I had to get rid of some things in the move process: my black, glass, and chrome dining room table didn't make the cut:( It was the first thing I ever actually bought myself (furniture-wise) when I was 20. It was fabulous art-deco gorgeousness and now someone else owns it, cause it couldn't fit through the front door:( you can only imagine how I feel


My computer desk supposedly fell apart in transit (or at least that's what the BF told me) as did my 3 year old Wal-mart coffee table LOL which didn't surprise me. So I have resumed my workouts. And it really helps that I live upstairs with no elevator access. So things are FINALLY getting back to normal around these parts.

On to my I got tired of looking at my own hair seriously it was getting out of control I rocked it for a full....4 1/2 weeks. So Saturday night I did a pre-poo of Cholesterol Conditioner and Coconut oil for about 3-4 hours. Washed with my Mane N' Tail Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. I moisturized with Wave Nouveau Lotion and sealed with Coconut Oil and went back to what I know and love....wigs. I'm happier there. With my real hair I started to have a LOT of shedding and breakage errrrrr and I was doing everything right I'm just gonna tuck it away for awhile.

So I made a pure luxe order can't wait to display it..I'm really excited to see if the products are as good as everyone else claims they are. Well Hope all is well ladies Stay healthy and beautiful! *muah*