Saturday, March 14, 2009

weight update

I've hit a ridiculous plateau. All the things I know and love about the changes in my weight and body have literally just STOPPED. Like seriously NOTHING is taking place. I can say the confidence that comes with a great workout hasn't changed. I have gotten down to the fact that I actually wanted to cancel my gym membership, but instead I thought of something much better. No pork, red meat and fried foods for a month. Maybe that will help with the metabolism. Maybe just maybe that will help. Either way I will NOT give up this is less about looks and more about my general health. I am every bit worth it.

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  1. How about cut your calories down 100 less each day to fool your body. That worked for me when I reached my plateau. I was at 1500 a day when i was on my platuea, then I went to 1400, 1350, 1300. 1250, back up to 1400, 1350, 1300, 1250 back get it
    just keep switching up the caloric pattern and your metabolism will pick up due to the worked for me hope it will work for you also try to find a metabolism calculator, find out how many calories u burn naturally without trying. mine is 1600 a day so make sur eyou are eating less than what you burn naturally. if u need anymore tips just email me at and I will get back with u within a week, i check email once a week
    best wishes to you, and drink water with citrus,that boosts ur metabolism, also try to get more b12 in your diet that boost it too, hope these tips help:)