Monday, February 23, 2009

My weekend aka moving really sucks


Ok so this packing thing is ridiculous!!!! You never really know how much JUNK!!! you accumulate until it's time to move. I have been off and on packing all freakin' weekend. Sunday I woke up with a desire to play in make-up a bit (don't ask why since all I did was pack). This is what I got. Photobucket

Sorry the blending coulda been a lil' better and there's no flash in that one, but get the picture. So my girl AJ came over and helped me pack while the BF hung out with my big bro (grrrr!!! so unhelpful on this move it's just crazy) so in between what we consider to be heavy lifting, packing, and a quick taco break we of course took time 4 random silly picks


Honestly she went through all my hair and makeup supplies and decided what I needed to get rid of..of course that all went to her. FYI some of the things she took were things she's given me in the past 2 years LOL


Did we get a lot done??? Hmmmm not really LOL, but it was fun. Honestly I don't think I'll be blogging for a few days maybe a week. Once I get the new apartment in order then I'll be able to get a few hauls, and workouts in until then.....dueces

Face: Revlon Beyond Natural Primer
Maybelliene Dream Matte Mousse Dark 3 in Cocoa
MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NW43
MAC blush in X-Rocks (LE)
L'Oreal HIP Cream Liner in Black (as base,eyeliner top and waterline)
MAC Tilt (on lid)
MAC Deep Truth (crease and lower lashline)
MAC Carbon (outer V)
Loreal Hip Flare Duo non-orange side (highlight)
LIP: MAC Lipgelle in Gilded Kiss
MAC lipglass in SPREE (LE)

Friday, February 20, 2009

penny for my thoughts....Please???


Okay so not much has been going on here. I haven't been big into my workouts, but my eating has been fairly decent. I have been a good girl at staying in a caloric range of 1250-1600. I have been extremely busy with this whole moving thing and all my extra cash has went to that venture. I'm not very happy with that idea. As I sit her idle saving money my poor MAC wish list grows by the day, and so does my desire to get a sew-in weave (I swear looking at my hair everyday is my version of hell), and do a pure luxe and cherry culture haul. I haven't spent any unnecessary money since in the past two weeks. God I miss online shopping, random trips to Qdoba and Chipotle, and just sheer lightweight shopping recklessness and extra spending money. So rather than date night (which we so kindly alternate paying for in this household we chose to stay in tonight, watch a movie and eat turkey chili dogs and fries (yeah I know, but date night is usually my cheat meal day). So here I am in sweats with a St. Ives clay mask on while I'm DC'ing my hair feeling hella poor uuggh I can't wait till were settled in! The new mailman will be oh so acquainted with me, because I'm gonna have orders coming to the house every damn day. Okay breathe Vee this is just temporary and its very good for your wallet. That's what I have to tell myself to make it through okay I'm done rambling.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Ok I was kinda tagged ( it was open and I decided to do it) from Jaqueline's blog ( check her out her looks are AMAZING) so here goes nothing

Mane N' Tail Moisturizing Shampoo
a three way tie: Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, Mane N' Tail Moisturizing Conditioner, and Queen Helene Cholesterol Conditioner

Styling products:
Just some good ole' Coconut Oil

Shower Gel:
Don't use it I love Dial exfoliating bath bars
Body moisturizer:
LOL coconut oil

Clinical Protection Secret in powder scent (sorry I'm a sweaty girl)

Fake Tan:
I'm a black girl....God knew I wouldn't have money to tan so he gave me a built in one

Idk I'm switching as we speak

Eye makeup remover:
I use baby wipes

St. Ives apricot scrub for face and my baby oil/brown sugar concoction for my body

Revlon Beyond Natural/ Monistat Chafing Gel

Foundation: Maybelliene Dream Matte Mousse in Dark 3 Cocoa or Clinique Perfectly Real in #54

Foundation brush:
My Sonia Kashuk Foundation Brush


MAC Sheer Pressed Powder in NW43

Right now I only have MAC's Neo-Sci Fi LE Blush X-Rocks (I love it)

Milani Sunset Duos in Sunset Strip


Eyeshadow base:
Urban Decay Primer Potion under a stickier base like a MAC Shadestick or L'Oreal HIP Paints

Whatever color I'm feeling that day, but I tend to move towards teals and blues

L'Oreal HIP Black Cream Liner

Eyelash curler:
lol I don't use one

Eyelash base:
Don't use one~

Maybelline's Great Lash

I don't wear much lipstick

I will always love MAC's Chai, Nico Now, and Shockolate ligglass oh....and I love all the lipgelles

Nail Colour:
I don't have a fave color I just know Im done with acrylics they ruined my babies

Okay who ever wants to do it feel free and let me know I'd love to read your answers

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I Haven't been able to get this outta my head......


Monday, February 16, 2009


V-day was spent working (yep serving up that IHOP goodness) LOL I had a 10 hour management shift (ugh) that turned into a 14 hour because a rush hit as a put my coat on to leave, and the dedication in me wouldn't allow me jet on them LOL anyway me and the BF had a great meal at olive garden and some at home snuggle time that's about it

Anywho I woke up in throwback mode. I found this video on youtube. This takes me back to my freshman year of college when I decided Wisconsin (home) was lame and I wanted to venture out Destination? Mississippi (yeah I know go figure) It was just wisconsin with warmer weather and better This remids me of my first college spring break, and all those cute guys, and warm weather and just being 18 and thinking I was grown LMAO

Friday, February 13, 2009

Hair-y decisions and other beauty happiness

Okay so I complained about how I don't like dealing with my hair and how I was ready to braid it and tuck it away. Like all women I woke up this morning and changed my mind..LOL! I had to go to a funeral today and I woke up pretty late so there was no time for braids, wigs or weaves. I had to deal with what was growing right on top so I curled it (yeah I know, no more heat) did my make-up and headed for the door. My boyfriend commented on how nice I looked :) (which is something he must have meant because he says it SO rarely). So as I was driving I was wondering what was keeping me from just wearing my own hair. And you know what I couldn't come up with anything LOL. So after I cashed my paycheck I went to my fave health food store and bought some coconut oil. I loved how it felt when I applied it to my hair (dry) before I roller set it for the night. I can't wait to incorporate it into my DC regimen. I would like to try some bantu knot twist outs and a few other styles, but we'll see. I have never had a desire to do my hair ever in life. Even though I have always had a desire to have nice hair hmmm...go figure. I just have very thick coarse hair. I have never in my life had a hair dresser simply do my hair without commenting on how thick and coarse it is (whether the comment be positive or negative) I'm going to give putting it in my own hands for a while a whirl.

Lookie here I found the cutest nail color at Sally's today....China Glaze's Tempest. It's a gorgeous shimmery purple-y blue. Sorry I can't find a pic online and my batteries in the camera are dead. Well I'm done blabbing tonight. *muah*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

whats going on round' here

So I found a place whew! and all my day to day efforts involve packing up the place I've called home for the past 3 years. I HATE MOVING!!! HATE IT! HATE IT! HATE IT! IT IS JUST UGGGHH! There are no words for it I just don't like it, but then again new places mean new chances to decorate. I haven't had a chance to go to the gym but Honestly I would like to. I need the time to clear my head, so much is on my plate right now. I don't know if it's stress or what, but my desire to eat is dwindled, not in a bad way though maybe I'm eating the amount of calories that is fit for someone smaller than me but I'm not necessarily starving myself. Or am I?? Today I was called into work and had 2 pancakes there with a glass of 2% milk and a foot long subway veggie sub after work that's all I had and outside of a big ass ruby red grapefruit I want right now (yeah I've been craving grapefruit something ridiculous lately) and the one or two drinks me and the BF might have tonight I am for sure that I'm done eating for the day. I know that might barely be 1200, but I'm just not hungry. I can't force it.

Plus I have a man walking around my house who seems preoccupied with something, but has very little to say to me. It's pretty annoying. He get's into music mode and I become invisible. I hate to be a needy girl who constantly asks, "What's wrong?" "What are you thinking?" "Are You Okay?", but I find myself saying it simply because asking a question will get an answer and an answer reminds me that I don't live alone. GRRRRR! So Honestly I'm not too excited about Valentine's Day. Last year we were in a long distance relationship and now that we actually live, breath, and touch everyday reality kills that rose colored glasses view of what I thought we would be.*sigh*

On to other things I have put myself on a money diet so NO makeup purchases for a while, plus I haven't been able to find my check card (yeah I know) *smh* I'm dying to do a cherryculture and pure luxe haul after I'm settled with my move so that won't be for another month I guess.

and my hair.....has been exposed to the world for one whole week! Okay that was fun (sarcasm) time to braid it up and hide it again

Okay I'm done with my thoughts for the night. So I'll chat later....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

ramblings part II

Okay so yesterday I went on a lil schpeel about everything and anything. Honestly I loved the feeling of it so here we go again:

1. I think my boyfriend has a disease...not like Rhianna-Chris Brown disease LMAO, but a serious sleeping issue. He can sleep for damn near sixteen hours straight. If there was a sleeping contest no doubt he'd be the last man snoring.

2. I've worked a 10 hour shift today with some of the cattiest, bitchiest servers known to man as I stated in yesterday's blog I really wanna punch somebody why is it that the only song that went through my head today as I worked was Biggy "somebody's Got to die"? Hmmm..very appropriate.

3. So I viewed 3 apartments yesterday the least attractive and grossest was the highest wtf?? you mean to tell me you want damn near 600 for a one bedroom that's tiny and has visible garbage and banana peels in the hallway hmm I'll pass

4.You know what I really want for dinner??? A big ass pitcher of water and a ruby red grapefruit...yep that's it

5. I just ate a green apple that's bigger than my fist (fyi I got a big ass fist...LOL)


6. I have a beauty complex....I'm adorable in a picture and so-so in real

7. Just a question when did 27 become old??

8. Umm my energy bill is 350 this month that is SO not normal for a 1 bedroom apartment wtf is REALLY Going on???

9. I'm not a big sneaker fanatic but Pastry kicks are adorable

10. I love make-up with a feverish hot passion, but my application needs help, I have very sensitive watery eyes, and I get sweaty fast so melt-down is damn near inevitable

10. I went to the gym tonight in spite of my cramps

11. .....and damn don't I feel ten times better about my crappy work day

12. Seriously can I get a freakin grapefruit please

13. My mama was 31 when she gave birth to me..and unlike every other 10 year old mother and 25 year old grandma I plan to do the same

14. I wanna buy Nars Orgasm blush simply so I can have an orgasm in my purse LMAO

15. My boyfriend is a musician....his late night beat making is the reason we need to move...if I must be honest

16. Is it just me or do you think etta james would bust her ancient foot up beyonce's ass? I mean if she anything like they potrayed her in Cadillac Records I know she still carries a blade..LOL

Monday, February 9, 2009


Forgive me I know its been a few blogless days. Okay it's been a full blogless week. Can't say that a lot has gone on to stop me from blogging, but I just haven't so since I haven't let the rambling begin

* I have until Feb. 28th to find a new apartment and get packed and the hell out of my current place. Prospects are kinda shaky *shudders* That's a very scary thought!

*I haven't been to the gym in a week (I could make an excuse, but the best reasoning is just PURE UNADULTERATED LAZINESS)

*So I relaxed my hair and......boy has it grown (boy is it also ridiculously uneven and slightly damaged so some of that growth had to get the bye bye wave) *sigh* SL by June 09' isn't looking so bright

I decided to take off my acrylic nails last week *slaps self* why did I even decide to get those damn things in the first place now my nails are all soft and weak *smh* never again this time I swear!

*Chris Brown roughs up Rhianna wtf?! I have officially heard it all...LOL

*In order for me to live a normal life I might have to leave my credit and debit cards with my mother because the closest CCO is in the next city (only a 20 minute drive) and all the employees know me on a first name basis, yet I'm not sure if I have enough cash for my sceurity deposit *smh* I swear sometimes I piss MYSELF off

*Hello Kitty??? NO goodbye kitty not at all impressed
Bought X-rocks blush last week....two words...LOVE IT!!!!

*Time for a cherry culture haul

*...and I need a MSF natural in deep dark

*See I'll forever be broke

*Managing a restaurant of 20 somethings is like running a day care I really wanna punch someone sometimes

*I'm sleepy and hungry, but I don't feel like cooking and neither does the BF DAMN!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Off day eating

Just throwing out my meals for the day just seeing it printed makes me feel more accountable.

1/2 c. oatmeal
1/4 c. soymilk
3 TB of Nature's Path Pumpkin Granola
1/2 sliced banana
10 frozen blueberries
1 TB brown sugar

Subway foot long subway Veggie Delite

DINNER:2 chicken wings
1/2 c. red beans and brown rice
1 c. okra

And that's where I'm gonna end it tonight

Product reviews

I am a beauty fiend I love all things gorgeous and am willing to try anything out once (or twice for that matter) Here are some things I bought recently and my wish list of things I want to buy soon".

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Cocoa
They Say:
Revolutionary whipped formula provides an air-soft, perfect matte finish coverage, with a weightless feel.
Color pigments offer superior coverage
Blends effortlessly for a soft, natural-looking, even-toned result
Now in 16 shades

The princess says:
I absolutely adore it!!! I'm aware that this foundation has been out at least a year, but I had some issues with the idea of a mousse foundation. First off I'm a dark chocolate girl and I NEVER believed that I would be able to find a good foundation at a drug store. Second when I think "mousse foundation" I here "cream based" foundation. That's a big hell no to my already uber-oily mug. But that was definitly NOT the case. It's a very light, matte, "whipped" consistency, and goes on very smooth. And not to mention staying power. I'm a restaurant supervisor, so when it gets busy and I start ripping around like a crazy woman my foundation stays put, and still looks good. Which is always a plus!

Clairol Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing conditioner

What they say:
i'm deliciously hydrating. give your dry hair a drink with my moisturizing conditioner. i say you can never get too much of a good thing. so say "hello" to a deep dousing of lush hydration with my rich formula fused with moisturizers, orchids & coconut milk. drink up and replenish your hair's much needed moisture. it's time to be reunited with manageable, silky, smooth hair.

Sorry about their obvious over the top ad lameness

What the princess says:

It smells fantastic and has made a huge difference in the feel of my hair! I used it as a leave in when I cornrowed my hair last week. It made the process OH SO MUCH EASIER! My hair feels much softer and that's a pretty big feat because I am 17 weeks post relaxer and my new growth has taken over! LOL I really like this product!
P.S. I will say this is a great conditioner, but I am a conditioner/moisture fiend so I do use multiple conditioners when washing my hair I can't say ALL of that great hair feeling came from Hello Hydration, but I sure will say it did attribute to it

Biore Blemish fighting Ice Cleanser
What They Say:
Give blemishes the cold shoulder. Now with lavender to soothe and calm skin and eucalyptus to stimulate and purify, this oil-free formula cleans deeply and guards against blemishes, leaving skin clean and refreshed.


Wet face. Pump cleanser into hands and work into lather. Massage over entire face. Rinse thoroughly.

Active ingredient: Salicylic acid 2.0%
Inactive ingredients: Water, glycerin, sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate, sodium laureth sulfate, decyl glucoside, cocamidopropyl betaine, lauric acid, betaine, lavandula angustifolia (lavender) flower extract, eucalyptus globulus leaf extract, PEG-7 glyceryl cocoate, glyceryl oleate, sodium hydroxide, polyquaternium-7, menthol, pentylene glycol, propylene glycol, disodium EDTA, BHT, DMDM hydantoin, methylparaben, fragrance

The princess says: I have been using this for OVER 2 years and lately it's really starting to irritate my skin. Maybe I've just gotten over the need for something that strong and now I'm looking to move on. Yes I know it's supposed to give you this wonderful tingle, but now the tingle is a little too strong and I just think my skin outgrew it. So as soon as this "almost new" *sigh* bottle is gone I'll be moving on to Clinique's Type IV Facial Soap.

Benefit's b-spot eau de toilette


Every gal's got one (a few, actually)... b spots, that is. Awaken your most seductive pulse points with this new fragrance from Benefit. It's a sexy combo of lush mango; faster, faster, freesia; provocative peony & steamy sandalwood... and don't forget to shake, shake, shake your amber, baby!

The Princess says: Where has this been all my life!!! I use this a lot when me and the BF have date nights (oddly enough he wants to get a little closer when I have this on *shrugs and smirks*) hmm go figure. It's just an all around hot and sexy scent. It's not my everyday one, but when I put it on for a special occasion you better believe it's gonna be special LOL

Clinique type IV facial soap
MAC's Format Powder Blush
MAC's Flirt and Tease Powder Blush
Sonia Kashuk's Crease Brush
Sonia Kashuk's Blending Brush

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Food, hair, Beauty finds and other mumbo jumbo


First yesterday was AMAZING!!!!! I planned out my meals meticulously!

B: frosted strawberry shredded wheat and soy milk

S:Luna Morning Vanilla almond Bar and apple slices

S2: (I worked a 10 hour management shift and it was busy too busy for a real meal) string cheese and apple slices

L: 1 chicken wing, 1/2 c. red beans and rice, and 1/2 c. okra

D: Qdoba naked chicken burrito no rice, sub lettuce and a brownie yum!!!!

and I was done for the day or so I believed until a late night phone call to my BF had us running out at 11 pm to some random club in Milwaukee with his friends! alcohol consumption *sigh* ruined my ever so thought out plan not to mention the rueben I ate at 4 am when we moved over to the next location...the casino! *sigh* I think those calories kinda roll over to today's since it was past midnight so I don't have a lot of options today good thing it's 2pm and I'm just getting up. I think I'll stick to H20 all that alcohol made me dehydrated.


last night I was feeling rather hmmmm...unattractive, and BROKE! I was thinking about my make-up purchases and how I gotta curb my spending and still put forth effort to look hot. That clinique I have is a tinted moisturizer. My friends say I don't need foundation at all, but I just like the coverage. There's a girl I work with who has never paid more than 12 dollars for any makeup she's purchased and she was the most adorable well put together manager in our crew. She told me she uses Dream matte mousse foundation. I decided to look it up and check it out. Of course around 9 pm I was at walgreens making the purchase so far I like it I used it for bar night last night. We'll see how it looks at work today if it's not hot...RETURN! I also bought Maybelliene shiny-licious in Raizn' Razzle, and a wet n' wild lip liner.


This is just a picture of some of the items in my new hair care regimen. Not pictured is my infusium 23 and olive oil mix I spray in my cornrows. I do that in the morning and at night, or whenever I feel moisture is needed. I keep my hair braided so I can't see major difference yet, but I can say I don't get anymore shedding at the nape and ends. The back used to feel horribly brittle and broken. Anytime I touched it I'd have hair in my hands. That's only after week 1! I am 17 weeks post relaxer (wow) and I get one sometime this coming week. Boy oh boy I can't wait to see what it looks like. Hope I'm not disappointed.

well that's all my ramble today toodles!