Monday, February 9, 2009


Forgive me I know its been a few blogless days. Okay it's been a full blogless week. Can't say that a lot has gone on to stop me from blogging, but I just haven't so since I haven't let the rambling begin

* I have until Feb. 28th to find a new apartment and get packed and the hell out of my current place. Prospects are kinda shaky *shudders* That's a very scary thought!

*I haven't been to the gym in a week (I could make an excuse, but the best reasoning is just PURE UNADULTERATED LAZINESS)

*So I relaxed my hair and......boy has it grown (boy is it also ridiculously uneven and slightly damaged so some of that growth had to get the bye bye wave) *sigh* SL by June 09' isn't looking so bright

I decided to take off my acrylic nails last week *slaps self* why did I even decide to get those damn things in the first place now my nails are all soft and weak *smh* never again this time I swear!

*Chris Brown roughs up Rhianna wtf?! I have officially heard it all...LOL

*In order for me to live a normal life I might have to leave my credit and debit cards with my mother because the closest CCO is in the next city (only a 20 minute drive) and all the employees know me on a first name basis, yet I'm not sure if I have enough cash for my sceurity deposit *smh* I swear sometimes I piss MYSELF off

*Hello Kitty??? NO goodbye kitty not at all impressed
Bought X-rocks blush last week....two words...LOVE IT!!!!

*Time for a cherry culture haul

*...and I need a MSF natural in deep dark

*See I'll forever be broke

*Managing a restaurant of 20 somethings is like running a day care I really wanna punch someone sometimes

*I'm sleepy and hungry, but I don't feel like cooking and neither does the BF DAMN!


  1. LOL this post was all over the place, i hope u find a nice place im sure you will. well atleast you are taking care of home. we will be here waiting when u get time to blog girl take care of home:)

  2. Hopefully that you'll find a new apartment soon. At least your trying to get everything together and hope that everything will be okay soon. About my Hello Kitty haul, I will post pics of the event probably today and the ultimate haul sometime this week whenever I get my packages from Nordstrom, Ebay and MAC.

  3. apartment hunting is the worse. oddly i found mine on craigslist.... But you will be ok.

  4. i heard wrapping your nails helps strengthen them after acrylics...i forget what the wrap is called tho :( but they do it at the nail salon