Monday, January 19, 2009

Yeah the Make-up giveaway (supposedly)

So we all know I can't buy a new MAC foundation until I weigh 260. :( Which might take longer than anticipated because boy my workouts have not been up to par lately! Not to mention everyone wants to call me to go drink and celebrate and I always say YES!!! Oddly enough I never know what exactly I am celebrating :D But anywho I got wind through my many connections that many high end make-up companies were sued in a lawsuit for holding back product count to increase the sale of the items they carry. They lost and we benefit!!!! Specific places are giving away a free item tomorrow. Now originally I read that the stores are picking out which item, but at my local mall (Racine, WI) The lancome counter girl told me that Lancome, Clinique, and Estee Lauder are coming together and having ONE big counter tomorrow and people get to choose ONE item from the three entirety (not one from each, but just ONE) Hmmmm??? IDK we'll see how this works needless to say I will be at the mall bright and early and ready for my free item, and if it goes well I'll hit some close by cities. *Muah*

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