Friday, January 16, 2009

ugh whats next?!

So I'm not gonna lie I'm kinda stressed. Right before christmas I had a fight with my landlord and it ended with these words, "Well you don't have to worry about me anymore cause I'll be out March 1st". Ummmm yeah I kinda put my foot in my mouth there so now between a very busy work, exercise, and life schedule I have to find a new place to live. The BF??? So unhelpful!!! :( We go look at a place and he tells me his half-assed opinion and doesnt try to weigh options or anything. ERRRR! Not to mention it's like -10 out now and outside of going to work I prefer to go NOWHERE else! My new years' resolution to be better with my money is really working, but MONEY for a move arrrgh!!! That's just a bit much! So I went to the gym this morning at the butt crack of dawn and it was a little more packed than I would have liked. I ran into this older gentleman that comes into IHOP all the time to order his salad. He gave me this "congrats fat girl on joining the healthy revolution" smile. I just smiled back I was too busy focusing on NOT dying on the stairmill. My intention for some reason was to flip him off.

There are certain foods I love and always will. Those would be soul food, mexican food, italian food and chinese. Last night at work (my home away from home) as the dinner rushed died down I had picked up the menu and started looking for some light fare for my own dinner. I had decided upon a chicken sandwich and fruit when the busser informed me that he had brought corn tortillas and the cooks were in the back making tacos. Not anykind of tacos. Not crappy taco bell tacos, but authentic tastiness. I ran in the kitchen to see chorizo, pork loin, onions and all kinda spicy lovliness on the grill being cooked to perfection. After I was told in spanish that I couldn't eat any due to my diet I rolled my eyes and made three very small tacos. After all I'm the boss if I don't eat they don't eat. LOL. I washed it down with an Iced Tea and I made that the end of my eating for the day. Calorie Intake for Thursday? 1580 Pretty damn proud I am LOL!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE CHORIZO - I refuse to look up the caloric content on it because I don't want to admit to myself what I'm eating. It's my one downfall - any time Carlos and I are making anything choizo related, it just doesn't count. HA - is that possible? Can I just wave my hand and **POOF** it doesn't count?!! Anyways, glad you made it to the gym. How did you feel the rest of the day? When I get to the gym in the morning, I find it easier to make healthy decisions for most of the remainder of the day.

  2. I figure I can walk this walk with you since we're pretty much on the same journey. Consider me an official follower.
    I'm with you on the food...minus the pork and Chinese food. Ewwww LOL
    What's for dinner? I'm doing an Apples and Chicken dish from my WW cookbook. Some wheat egg noodles (first time having) and steamed yellow and green string beans.