Thursday, January 29, 2009

Not bad for a day off

So I have a new management schedule and oddly enough I have thursdays and fridays off now. Personally I think that's a pretty sweet deal. My eating habits are normally the worse on my days off. Actaully they are not that bad but I always have to find something to occupy my time so I wont randomly, mindlessly eat. I know that thing should be exercise, but today *sigh* it wasn't I was pretty busy though.
1 poached egg
1 piece of whole wheat toast with SF strawberry preserves
2 slices of Jenni-O extra lean turkey bacon
5 strawberries with 2 oz. 2% cottage cheese and splenda

That pretty much held me over for the morning I put enough protein in that meal to tide me over until I got the house clean and ran errands.

turkey sandwich w/ lettuce, tomato, hummus and stone ground mustard on WW bread
1 claussen pickle spear
1/2 cup of Progresso Vegetable and Rice soup

Not much to say here wasn't in that hot of a mood so I took a nap after lunch. I decided to cook dinner. Actually I cook on all my days off. I have to. If my BF was in charge everything would have lard in it. So I made.....

Baked chicken wings (I had 2)
red beans and brown rice (a recipe I found on sparkpeople)
and okra

I don't think I actually want a desert tonight I've just been feeling really blah so a glass of sugar free lemonade will do me just fine.

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