Wednesday, January 14, 2009

my MAC desires are getting the best of me

I know me. Pretty damn well might I add. Unfortunately I know I have a major procrastination issue and I know of all seasons the winter is where I get my most lazy. I also know I have a MAJOR addiction to makeup. So I promised myself I couldn't go to the MAC counter and buy a new foundation until I made it to 260. DAYUUUM!!! That's like at least 4 weeks away:( In the meanietime I promised myself that I'm allowed to go to the Cosmetic Company outlet once a week only and ONLY if I stay with in my caloric range and get in at least 4 workouts a week! That allows me to get some sweet lil MAC makeup goodie for 30% off, so I can look half-way cute when I'm not sweating and looking gym gross. So here's what I got yesterday.Is it not the prettiest purple EVER????!!!!
Anywho my workouts aren't as intense this week I've been feeling a lil' TOM blah, but I'm sure to pick it up by Sunday! So far my eating is good. I went to BW3 with the boyfriend last night and had a side salad and 4 of the smallest honey BBQ wings on the plate. I was pretty proud of myself. Truth be told a year ago I would have had some mozzarella sticks, a beer, a coke, maybe a margarita and 10 wings, and some potato wedges. Today I didn't do so hot. I failed to mention I'm a restaurant supervisor and waitress at a beloved IHOP! (yeah just think how much harder that makes this eating thing) This morning at work I had a 2 egg spinach, mushroom, and cheddar cheese omelet. Well I got my veggies, but they piled that cheese pretty darn thick (kinda to the point where it isn't even good anymore). Not to mention I was so hungry I totally forgot to tell them to make it with egg whites and no butter. Oh well I'll do better at the next meal. I refuse to bat myself up over my bad days. I know I will have plenty, but I gotta keep moving forward. Well I guess I'll be having my leftovers from monday tonight. I cooked turkey meatloaf (from a recipe I found on sparkpeople), homemade mashed potatoes (with a lil soymilk and I can't believe it's not butter spray) and steamed green beans. My boyfriend secured his space as meat and potatoes man because he left the heaping pile of green beans right in the middle of his plate. I guess I'll be eating those tonight;) Hope all of you are well out there *smooches*


  1. Viz-A-Violet is the prettiest purple pigment ever and I have it too! My sister is wearing it right now and I'm going to wear it sometime soon.

  2. I am a lover of MAC too.
    I've never heard of a cosmetic outlet.
    I think I'd go broke.
    I feel for you working at IHOP and give you much much credit - I don't think I could do it. I would want to eat a pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream everyday.
    I find logging all my food to be really really helpful. I use it's wonderful. It cost about 50 bucks a year but so worth it or is good too and it's free.

    Keep on keeping on.
    You are doing a great job.