Saturday, January 24, 2009

the meaning of "the royal transformation"

Ok I'll be honest. This blog did start purely as a weight loss blog. but I had to acknowledge a few things and make a shift. I have MANY things to work on that attribute to my health. My hair, that I acknowledge very in frequently is probably damaged beyond belief while it's braided underneath whatever cute wig I find for the moment. I have went weeks without tending to my hair. (I know it's pathetic) That today does change. My skin is pretty good, because I always try to put my best face forward. So I'm pretty good about what I use on it, cleaning my makeup brushes regularly and having a good skin care regimen. And I must be honest no matter how much I work out I am HORRIBLE with what I eat. I have a reese's peanut butter cup addiction that just might get the best of me. and I snack too much on the wrong things. So from time to time I switch it up or perhaps I'll speak of all my health and beauy topics in one day. Either way it's time for princess valecia to make the changes with herself necessary to be a queen. And that my friends is what THE ROYAL TRANSFORMATION is all about.

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