Friday, January 9, 2009

The reality...

I figured if I really want to show you where I'm headed I guess I have to show you where I am. So here goes nothing *swallow*. This is me at my god sisters wedding. 6/21/08. I was the fattest bridesmaid, and trust me there is NO prize in that, so I had to pride myself on being the funniest and coolest girl in the 26 person wedding party (wasn't hard I have personality). I remember days of being the hungriest person alive so that I could still have to buy a girdle to look nice in my dress. (As you can see by the time the reception kicked off I looked like fat, lumpy, me anyway) But this is where I'm starting this is my before. Every great adventure has a beginning so I'm not ashamed of what my beginning is because I'm too busy seeing the outcome. Don't get it twisted I LOVE me! Don't believe me????? See I think that girl (*cough*) sorry HOT, but I know she can always be hotter

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  1. I love the pictures, you are so right, you are HOT!!!