Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yeah!!! The weekend is finally over!

Hello blogland! I hope all of you had boatfuls of family and shopping fun this weekend! I on the other hand had other things to do. Like work, work, work, and did I mention I worked a lot?! Moments like these I wish I had invested in a pedometer. I did about ten hours of restaurant managing, but I logged in about twenty-five hours of serving this weekend. When I say serving I don't mean I took a table here or there. I mean frantic non-stop flow of people will it ever stop serving. As I punched out of my final shift this week my computerized time card read 51.46 hours! Now time to prepare myself to do it all over again. Based upon my gladiator six day a week schedules I will have a day off this coming Friday! I guess I can't be really mad. I asked for this torture!

Anyway my eating habits have not been very good at all this past week. My super employee antics have me eating whatever I can when I can. That leads to quick, stuff in your mouth, convenient, not so healthy choices. Lots of fried crap, and very few fruits or veggies insight. Honestly I ate about 2 meals a day. Some of them were swallowed (yes swallowed, not eaten) within five minutes. I feel bad, because I KNOW that I knew in advance that this schedule and weekend were going to be ridiculous, so I could have put in more effort to plan my meals. Hmmm don't know if my activity outweighs my bad food choices or not. We'll see what the scale says Wednesday. Either way every meal is a new chance to make better choices! Stay healthy and Beautiful!

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  1. I can't imagine working so many hours- and on your feet the whole time! You must be exhausted!