Wednesday, November 25, 2009

a life entry.......cuz love matters too!

Okay I flippin' lied! I said I would not be posting again this week, but I! So sue me! I made a little special time to do so.....Well earlier I said I was going to spend quality time with a quality person. Well I had a play date today with my "estranged boyfriend". (You might remember him and our slightly chaotic/tumultuous relationship from the beginning months of my blog) Well he reappears today! We'll use the term estranged because.....dammit it just fits the situation. Anywho after some Food court chinese grub for me(which I totally forgot to take a pic of...sorry) and 1500 Sbarro's entrees on one damn tray (for him) we saw.....

Which was GREAT and worth every bit of buzz that came along with it! It stuck pretty close to the book though it could have done a bit more seeing that the book was only 120 pages! I got pretty damn close to crying my eyeballs out....but I didn't! And I am soo upset with my online community! As many times as this movie has came up on facebook and twitter no one was kind enough to tell me that my future husband/baby daddy/sugar daddy Lenny Kravitz had a role. Small role, but sexy *fans self* nonetheless!

Anyway back to the E.B. Spending time w/ my sweet pea was an absolute breath of fresh air. I hate to sound like a groupie or teenager, but honestly if I could spend 25 hours a day with him I would. We laugh, we bicker, and in so many ways I think we compliment each other to a T. The Heathcliff to my Claire, The George to my Weezy, and maybe even the James to my Florida Evans lol. He makes me love in news ways and my love for him....seems to never run continues to grow, even when situations seem like they are destined for failure. He's a friend who I can tell all my stories too (even if he's heard them a million times). Who knows second, third, or fourth chances might be needed to get this thing right......because I love him enough to try
maybe we should stop trying to run with it....and just crawl.......This is for you sweet pea (ignore the tight jeans, nerd glasses, and Cassie w/ her semi-shaved head LOL) Seems like the perfect message from me to you......

Love, Your Princess


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Diva. I one of the people who can't see the movie. Its not playing anywhere near me. I'm so scared to see it though. I get overly emotional. So damn extra! Chile, I already know I'm going to be one of those crazy old women falling over coffins.

    Last but not least, you guys look very cute together.

  2. I haven't seen Precious yet but I heard its a great movie. I'm glad you are happy and enjoying every moment with your E.B. I hope things only get better for you!!! Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Saw the movie--it was heartbreaking & beautiful & raw & inspiring & ugly & I loved it.

    Love the photos--the first one cracks me up because it's so "come hither" & sassy. :)

    Glad it was a good time with you & the boy. Everyone should have someone like that even if they're "estranged" every now & again. It makes those non-estranged moments so amazing.