Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When there's a will, there's a weigh

I have been faking myself out for awhile now. Every since I canceled my gym membership I have been working out at home. But how do you know what kind of progress you're making if you don't weigh or measure yourself? The answer don't. I always knew I was getting in workouts, I knew some days I ate great and others I did not. I knew clothes were fitting differently, but honestly I didn't have a number to connect to the journey. I think at times I was glad I didn't. Reason one: because I have a tendency to go scale crazy. Once I get into my "mode" I can weigh myself upwards of 10 times a day! (I know very unhealthy) and Reason two: I was just too damn cheap to buy a new one. Reason three: I was scared of what it would read. Well I'm not saying I wont have the scale crazy moments I had before, but I'm not cheap and I'm not scared

...and that is the number which is my NEW beginning. Am I overjoyed that that's what I weigh? No it's 26.3 pounds lighter than where I began. Am I saddened by that number? No! It's where I pick up the pieces. It's the number I will look at months from now and beam with pleasure seeing how far I've come.

On a super-off topic I had the most fantastic dinner:

3 oz. of BBQ boneless skinless chicken breast, roasted brussel sprouts with parmesan cheese, coconut cashew basmati rice, and acorn squash topped w/ baked cinnamon apple
It might not look that appetizing, but it was delicious!
Lately I've been working six days a week, hopefully I have a chance tomorrow to get in a workout. Take care!


  1. The dinner looks yummy. Lots of vegetables and protein and a little starch.

  2. Work it Girl!!! I know with the 26.3 pounds gone, you feel great!! And what a delicious looking meal. It looks appetizing to me.

    Oh and Love the new picture!!

  3. @Melissa I really do...the work I put in is worth it I know I just have to keep it up!

    @karen and I loved it brussel sprouts are becoming my fave!

  4. Keep it up girl! Not about the number but about how you feel and knowing your awesome!