Friday, April 3, 2009

The WL Journey

I have been doing great with staying in my caloric range! I'm pretty dang proud of that and actually yesterday I stayed on the lighter end of the scale. It wasn't a problem until I woke up this morning freakin famished!!! Yeah that 1,336 calories is Just NOT enough!! But according to the great super computer of SPARKPEOPLE I was a lil low on carbohydrates. Maybe that had a little to do with it. But anyway this morning the furnace was really in need of some wood. LOL (Oh God that is soooo messed up) LMAO so I had a Big breakfast.


This was this mornings breakfast....excuse the toast I am actaully a great cook but I ALWAYS burn toast!! Go figure!:) 465 calories of furnace burning fuel....LOL just an update!


  1. That breakfast looks delish. I have to enjoy a slightly cajun-styled piece of toast every now and again, myself ... lol ...

    Spark and other tracking avenues are so beneficial in helping us find what works according to our uberly diverse bodies, while maintainging proper hunger levels ... I was coming up short in fiber and "good" carbs after looking into things. Keep up the great work!

  2. LOOOKS SOO GOOOD. I love starting a day and planning out my big breakfast in which I can eat anything I want because a new day's started. Come stop by my new blog, that you can find a link for on Fabulously Fit. I promise it'll be more fun and more colorful to better reflect my crazy personality :D

  3. GO HEAD GIRL! Who said healthy can't be tasty =). Congrats on your progress thusfar and progress to come! =)

  4. I just started Sparkpeople, look me up (Missmaveggie)!