Thursday, April 30, 2009

The nagging fear

I'm scared....scared out of my freaking mind and there's no better way to put it. I have been OP or even UP every day this week. The amount of water I drink almost makes it hard for me to function at work, and the amount of fruits and veggies I eat have almost doubled. My portions are extremely smaller and from afar (or even upclose) for that matter it looks like everything is going right...WRONG!!! HERE'S THE ISSUE...I JUST FEEL HEAVIER!!! Last friday I had a light breakfast and a glass of water and right before my 3 lb. loss weigh in I felt like a complete piggy. So I can't tell if I'm winning or losing until I get on the scale because I just feel this constant weird fullness...even if I eat a kiwifruit and 1/2 a cup of cottage cheese and a water I get that same horrendous nagging fullness I experienced when I'd overindulge on a double bacon burger and this normal?? My biggest fear is getting on that scale and having a gain. And right now my body isn't a good indicator of whats going on.


  1. NORMAL! It's your body adjusting to the increase in fibre. You are doing fanTAStic! Keep it up... you WILL see results.

  2. I'm agreeing with Dee, fibrous/filling foods (fruits, veggies, oats) can make you feel that way, initially. I felt nearly bloated my first few weeks. :/ Also, the increase in water may have something to do with it as well. Our body has to reach a point of hydration - water is funneling through all those places where it's been stored for so long (survival mode in dehydration) but after a while those trips to the ladies' room lessen ... lol ... keep at it girl ... ;) ...

  3. Yea I def agree with the above posters. When I have a bowl of soup and a glass of water before dinner, I feel super full even before I eat most of my dinner. I promise that this feeling of bursting-at-the-seams fullness will go away and you'll see that jeans sizes and shirt sizes will be going down even as you feel this way..I hope this feeling will go away soon as your body adjusts!

  4. I have days where I'm not very hungry and feel full like that. I also have days where I could eat anything within sight, but those days are few and far between. It's just so weird, I have no constant.

    I'd say with all your water, all your healthy eating--you're fine.