Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Life revamping

I have a few projects I've been working on lately in NO particular order:

my relationship
I love my sweetpea...we enhance each other's life to the fullest, but he's a MAN and I'M a WOMAN and for those reasons alone he makes no sense to me and I make no sense to him so we have our struggles, but for those who wished us luck were moving ahead and maybe that time away made us love each other that much more. He's a mess and so am I, but together we are the $#@! no questions asked. I would hate to come home and not see him cooking dinner or sitting in his boxers watching TRUtv. Relationships are work.....and for my babycakes I'm always willing to punch in.

my finances
OMG!!!! I woke up this morning with THIS realization. I NEED A SECOND JOB!!!! I want too much for my paycheck!! I can only take the boyfriend to Macy's and CCO so many times and give the sad face. I think it's getting played out with him. Not to mention I'd like to buy a new (well newer) car this summer. I'm looking for a summer waitressing gig. We'll see what happens. Even with my splurges I've been damn good at keeping track of my cash. But I always seem to have a growing list of things I want.

My Hair Care regimen
This picture was the start of my regimen in January. It has grown by leaps and bounds. I am so into my hair it is ridiculous and I'm hoping and praying come Dec. 2009 I will be swinging at sexy shoulder length. I am currently 10 weeks post relaxer and boy is that new growth an issue but I wanna hold out just a lil longer. I've added Wave Nouveau Finishing Lotion, Hot Six Oil and Castor Oil to my regimen and I'm always ALWAYS on the quest for new conditioners. I still keep my hair tucked under a wig, but I'm far more conscious of what's going on underneath it now. HHG ladies

My weight loss efforts
diet Pictures, Images and Photos
I am so topsy turvy on the scale!!! I decided to rid myself of my gym membership. I rarely ever go and I've spent more time walking the high school track near my new place than I ever have thought about going across town to the gym. I decided since I currently have so much on my plate. I will focus a full month on one thing I chose my calorie intake, next month I will focus on my workouts, and then come June I will put them to work together. I have not given up and will NOT give up!

So I just wanted to update my followers...thanks for your comments I'll be back in the blogging galaxy very soon.


  1. hey princess!
    first of all-- thank you for the comment on my blog!! :) im so glad that you love greek yogurt-- i love it too!!
    i looove the background picture of you!! stunning!!
    i <3 this post as well because i feel like i got a small tidbit of what your life is like! it sounds like you and ur guy have a great relationship-- that is so awesome!!
    i also think its really great you are takin it one step at a time in terms of exercise and food-- its all about taking everything in stride! you have a great attitude! :) xoxoxo j

  2. Sometimes we just need to be able to take a break just in order to regroup and prioritize whats important...congrats on being so organized and getting your priority list together.

  3. thanks for the comments..keep on rocking girl..i got the same exact shit on my plate right and your man are too cute i hope everything works out with that!!

  4. i looooovvve hello hydration for cowashes! its the best for detangling i know i'll need another bottle soon after taking my braids down. its a staple

  5. Sounds like a good plan!!!

    I do love me some Ezekiel Bread!!!