Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Relaxer day countdown and other hair issues....

I have already admitted that I am way too deep in over my head with this stretch. I am 20 weeks Post Relaxer! I'm sure it could have worked out great. However there were times when I wasn't caring for my hair at all. I see a lot of shedding, a little breakage, and some ends that seriously need to be whacked off! Well I'm happy to say I am self-relaxing Thursday evening. I'm kind of ancy about it, because I can count on one hand how many times I have relaxed my own hair, but it's time I put my hair care into my own hands (somewhat).

So I know my hair needs protein more than anything right now, especially pre-relaxer. So Monday night I pre-poo'ed with EVCO, and shampoo'ed with Aphogee Shampoo for Damaged Hair. Then I brought in some new found friends...

Motions Critical Protection & Repair Protein Reconstructor AND Vitale Olive Oil Leave-In conditioner with Pro-Vitamin B5

I applied my moisturizing leave-in (HE LTR) and air dried overnight! I feel such a big difference in my hair! It's softer, more manageable, and shedding is minimal. I am still a little shaky about the relaxer Thursday..even though I am excited. Any self- relaxing vixens wanna give me some advice?

So while on our Thanksgiving Eve date me and the E.B had many fun, light conversations, but one convo that has always come up in our one and a half year relationship is my hair. Well not so much my hair, but as you see above my UNDYING LOVE for wigs! He Hates it! Loathes it actually! With a feverish fiery passion. Weaves, wigs, extensions, and all! Basically if it didn't grow out of your head it's deemed pointless in his book and my train of thought is kinda reversed. We went in circles about this for 45 minutes...and then I caved in.

Friday morning I will go to the local beauty school and have my hair blow dried, flat ironed and under the watchful eye of their instructor.....trimmed! I'm doing this for a few reasons: a) to do a real growth check b) I'm scared to trim my own ends c) to try to get accustomed to my own hair again and d) so he will quit wig griping! Why put my hair in the hands of beauty school students you ask??? I'd prefer not to pay $40+ dollars for something that is pretty simple and fool-proof for those in that profession when I can get it done for a kick ass $15! Can't wait to show you all results. I expect it to not be too long due to bad maintenance on my part. I assume I will still be NL. I healthier NL, but NL nonetheless. Happy hair growing ladies!


  1. I feel ya! I haven't/don't relax my hair myself. I'm too scared to do it! Good luck on Thursday!

  2. I think I may have relaxed in a salon only a handful of times. Generally, I did my own. What I usually did was not stretch, pull, or shampoo my hair at all prior (3+ days) to relaxing.

    I section in fours, start at the nape...then the edges...then I part using the applicator brush (or wide tooth comb)and apply close to the scalp and smooth. I repeat all four sections QUICKLY.

    With my hair relaxed I start to blend my sections for two to two, then two to one. Take pieces (starting from the back) and smooth them together.

    In some cases your ends don't need extra relaxer.

    Best tip...applicator brush!!!

  3. I always go to the salon for relaxers just because I'm a big chicken. I've never used that relaxer before, let me know how it turns out. Can't wait to see the results.