Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A little randomness never killed anyone

1) I live in Wiscconsin. Grade A bonafide cheesehead. And proud. thankyouverymuch The snow/storm/blizzard is headed our direction and it puts a slight damper on my regular walks and jogs! It will in no way end them, but it will make them.......shall we say...slightly unpleasant. Excited to see how this is gonna work! It takes a while for me to get used to cold and snow, but it's the way of the land if you're a Wisconsinite!

2) I am currently in foodie love with Bigelow's Pomegranate Green Tea, Brussels sprouts,honey spread, Greek yogurt with honey, Greek salads, and Almond Butter.

3) The Biggest Loser Finale put the biggest smile and song in my heart! Inspiration and love all wrapped in the same 2 hour episode! (I will be doing a re-capping blog later this week!)

4) I'm making an effort to go back to my Flexitarian diet! It didn't fail me then....I believe it won't fail me now.

5) So I relaxed my hair and.... I had a few underprocessed spots, but all in all I did a good job. If you're wondering the hair is looking like....


I am sticking to my regimen and I've recently added a few things: ORS Olive Oil Creme, Avocado Oil, and GNC Hair, Skin, and Nail Vitamins. Things hair-wise seem to be on the up and up.

6) I'm taking a weigh myself break. Like before I've become scale crazy. I'm going to attempt to focus on being healthy not the numbers.

7) In between all my other adventures I am planning to move...yes again...and this time out of my city! It's exciting. I need something new and my hometown is boring me.

8) I'm planning a trip to New Orleans for the 4Th of July weekend. We'll see if goal has been met by then *fingers crossed*

Stay healthy everyone!


  1. Love the hair! It turned out good. I have a question. I'm been trying to stretch my relaxer, currently I'm 10 weeks stretch and counting. Can you please explain to me what blow out roots mean? I would like to try it but don't know how to do it. I see it on many blogs, could you explain please. Thanks!

  2. YOu go girl, I like the hair! Biggest loser was great tonight!

  3. @ Melissa I think its just blow drying it straight w/o getting the ends and causing damage. I'm just guessing though I only blow out on relaxer day...I'm investing in a hooded dryer on pay day for rollersets.

  4. I loved the Biggest inspirational. and you hair looks good.
    I go to the Essence every year in the so so much fun!!!

  5. Love the hair & the Biggest Loser finale was great! Be safe jogging out's slippery

  6. You did a great job with your hair. I can't watch certain shows because the boyz (son and husband) act like someone is tryna kill them! smh.

    I like my hooded dryer. I'm going to invest in a heated cap for conditioning (it doesn't dry.)

  7. I like your hair. How often do you have to relax it? I'm starting to go scale crazy, too.

    I'm your next-door neighbor and I don't walk in the winter. When I was heavier I had no balance, but I just can't stand the cold. I love my videos.

    Did you get hard by the blizzard?

  8. we got very little from the blizzard> So little there's practically nothing left. this relaxer was the first since July but Im sticking to every 3 months now...thats enough! ive become really finnecky about my $ so I just dont want to pay for a gym membership right now