Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday's Eats!

It hasn't been a spectactular day, but it is my only day off. I am excited to hang aound the house in my pj's and just get some things done. Here's what I've been munching on today:

Breakfast:Bear Naked's Fruit and Nut Bar

I ate that in my local Sentry while doing a tad bit of grocery shopping. I bought a few fruits (apples, oranges, pomegranates, and grapefruits), some veggies for soup, chobani (honey flavored), and a few deli items. My fridge was starting to look extremely empty. I had a snack of two walnut halves and 2 Hershey's kisses. ( picture)

It's pretty darn cold here in the dairy state. So I decided to make soup. The only soup that I can make lol, The infamous Weight Watchers Garden Vegetable soup

Lunch was...

Tuna Salad on Arnold's sandwich thins, a bowl of the garden soup, and nice navel orange

I snacked later on.....another bowl of soup and a chobani honey yogurt. Dinner was a delicious, but once again not pictured Jimmy John's #5 Vito Sub and BBQ Kettle Chips. I'm pretty full and finished. No more food for me!

Calorie total: 1,683
Fruit/Vegetable Servings: 7
Water Intake: 125 oz.
Feeling: tired

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  1. Those Arnold's sandwich thins are so good. I also buy their bread because it is the least expensive 100% whole wheat I can find.

    I wanted to ente ryou into this contest but i did not know which blog ot enter, so check it out and you can decide which one of your blogs to put in. (or both>???)