Thursday, December 3, 2009

Beautiful is not a size 4!

This isn't strictly about my weight loss efforts. As much as some of you come to view this blog strictly for that reason UNFORTUNATELY for you....I have a little more to talk about. I currently weigh 247.6 pounds. My goal is to weigh 180 pounds. *pauses while you all sit in shock and disbelief* My goals aren't to be thin. My goal is to be healthier. If after I reach that goal I decide that I need to lose more then GREAT! If not....oh well. You see my beauty has never been connected to my weight. Only my health and my ability to live my life with a little more ease. I always thought I was beautiful (not in an egotistical way).

Look at these women.

Are they not just ridiculously gorgeous and stunning?

This is what the world (media) considers to be fat! And since I weigh a significant amount more than these women where does that leave me? To the media I'm just a blob. A girl that PETA can make fun of

or that parents that would actually allow their children to point or stare at. Or the girl in high school who NEVER got a date because no one was willing to look past her weight and see that she was fun, gorgeous, outgoing, and brilliant. That's not who and what I am. That's what the media sees.

This is me. A woman who secretly (or not so secretly) aspires to be a model. Has never been boyfriend-less AGAINST my will. I have never allowed my weight to make me less of a the question to you it holding you back.....and why?


  1. wonderful perspective. i wholeheartedly agree and wish there were more ppl who saw things this way.

  2. It's not all about the size. I agree 100%! When I lost all my weight it started because of fear for my health, and even my life. I didn't set a specific goal weight, but rather got to the point where I finally felt comfortable in my own skin.

    You are georgous and I love your attitude!

  3. Beauty is every size! I think you look fabulous girl, keep going strong.

  4. I agree 100%! You look great! I don't want to be a size 4; I just want to be at a size I feel comfortable. Also at a size that I can run behind my little boy.

  5. well said. you are beautiful! i must say ur hair n outfit looks fab in that pic!

  6. Thank you thank you thank you for reminding me that I don't have to be skinny to be lovely! And you also look beautiful.

  7. You better Werk!
    LOL....I like that thought and I too can relate. Im one if not the most fab chick I know.

  8. Love, Love, Love this post!!! I agree 100%. Who says you have to be 120lbs in order to be beautiful. I mean if that is your goal, then go for it, but I'm with you... My goal is around 160lbs because I'm so short.. anything after that is a bonus for me.. It's all about being healthy and comfortable in your own skin..
    Oh and I love the picture!! You look FABOLOUS!!