Thursday, July 16, 2009

Fit for a Princess......

Wow these past few days have been a little nerve wrecking. If you've been following me for a while you know my first photoshoot is tomorrow and I am so nervous/anxious/excited/happy. I have also been running around trying to get all my necessities for the shoot at as low prices as possible. I also did a few things very last minute so I'm glad everything worked out. I was still completeing my second look with my friend at the mall yesterday when I stumbled upon this beauty.....OMG does this shoe fit my persona!!!! I have dubbed it the princess shoe and it has no choice but to be the focal point for which outfit I picked yesterday LOL! Luckily I realized I had an outfit at home that was just calling on these shoes and the right accessories. When I walk in my closet and see them it brightens up everything. I love these babies...just had to tell the world.


  1. Just found you blog. I've been reading through it - love your attitude! I wish you continued success. :)

  2. Those shoes are soo cute!!! Have fun at the photoshoot!!! You will do great and look amazing!!!

  3. those shoes are GORGEOUS! and i REALLY love the post you wrote before this one-- so inspirational and it really had me thinknig :)

    i moved over to wordpress just wanted to let you know my new feed is

    xoxox j

  4. Ooh girl match these shoes up with a pink suit for the day and a pink teddy for the night LOL!