Monday, October 26, 2009

Random Ramblings.......

I have sooooo many things to talk about it's just ridiculous! Not quite sure where to start so I think I'll just ramble. Excuse my lack of focus this can get messy,'ll get the point!

Weight Loss

*I love to exercise. I love to walk, jog, run (for very short times of course on the running) and anything movement related, my biggest issue is FOOD! FOOD! Oh what a great friend and dirty dirty foe!

My weight fluctuates soooo much sometimes I wonder if I will ever get control of this situation

I absolutely love strength training I am ridiculously in love with my resistance bands I don't know how I have lived this long without them

According to Oxygen Magazine weight loss is 70% I'm doing a great job 30% of the time

Weight loss is NOTan easy task! Every meal, every activity, every day is a moment to ask yourself: "In the face of adversity can I make a decision that helps myself get to my goal?" and even when you fail with that one meal, or activity, or day you still keep pressing towards the goal!


I have not always loved my hair, actually I'm just learning now at the age of 28 to slightly like it

Anytime you see long luxurious flowing raven locks on me, it's probably a wig or weave...actually it is a wig! If it's not I'll tell you...don't hold your breath waiting for me to tell you it's not LOL!

I am learning so much about the care of my own hair from my wonderful free-flowing girls at Hairlista feel free to join ladies it's such a great learning experience!

I will display my hair from time to time (perhaps weekly) as I keep you abreast of my hair growing and strengthening journey

I will also be posting my hair care regimen very very soon. I will be reviewing products and tell you what is and isn't working for this princess

Make-up/Skin Care

I consider myself to be a princess I like make-up, and all things girly I like to try new products, new looks, and questions what products have the most...dare I say it.. "bang for their buck". After all my bucks can't be used on just any crappy product that doesn't give results...and I mean GREAT results. After all isn't the sole purpose to look AND feel fabulous!

I do not consider myself to be a beauty expert just a barbie/princess that wants to look great at the drop of a hat and doesn't want to spend every dime I make doing so....this also includes a dab of plus size fashion. *wink*

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