Sunday, October 25, 2009

Allow me to reintroduce myself.......

It's been an unnecessary amount of time since I've been seen in these parts, so I feel obligated to explain what "The Royal Transformation" is about. This started in January as the world's window into my highs, lows, and struggles with healthy living, eating, and weight loss. Now it has become much more than that. It is now my home of ramblings about weight loss, healthy living, hair, make-up, nails, self-esteem, healthy body image, self-love, and all things dealing with a glowing mind, body, and soul.

So many people gauge their love for themselves on this, that, or the other. I've heard many people say "I'd be perfect if I could lose 50 pounds" or "If I could stop my skin from breaking out I'd be pretty". Why can't you be pretty as you are? The world has a tendency to make people (women in particular) feel as if they have to attain a goal to be great. I love myself! All 250 pounds, five feet, and four inches. I love every lump, curve, dip, crevice, and wrinkle. Somewhere down the line with this blog I hope you learn to do the same. We all have our issues like my love/hate relationship with my hair's out of control thickness, yet slow growth to my love of all things girly, pink and make-up related. Together we will try different products, regimens, stores, exercises, and brands. Together we will find what works for us, so that our best healthy, beautiful version of ourselves shines through. So enough talk let's begin......the transformation.


  1. I hear ya! One of the best quotes I ever saw was "Life does not start five pounds from now".