Tuesday, June 2, 2009

like a little bee.......

I've been so busy busy busy!!! I've been working out religiously with my trainer (whom I love) might I add. I haven't been attending my weight watcher meeting (yeah I know bad bad princess!), but I have been following plan and am proud to say I'm on plan everyday, but I chose to rescue myself from the scale. I was too addicted to the numbers now I'm focusing on my generally overall health. I have so many things going on right now I'm surprised I get to the gym five days a week! My 10 year class reunion is in three weeks (which I'm so excited about), my photo shoot has been pushed back to August first ( I wanna give myself a chance to make the most beautiful pictures possible), and I'm just focusing on creating the most beautiful princess possible INSIDE and OUT.

OMG!!!! I went to Whole Foods Market Sunday and....I'm officially in love. The best place ever I say! I will be spending every Sunday there from here on out. So mad my phone was on it's last bar and I didn't take pics. Had the best piece of pizza there ever: Wild mushroom and gorgonzola cheese YUM!! Monday I stumbled upon (by mistake) the infamous Trader Joe's sweet Lawd Geezus I was in healthy food heaven. It's ashame that I have to drive 45 minutes to get to either, but oh well it's so worth it to me now.

Oh I'm now newly addicted to greek yogurt! Yes I'm addicted and don't care what kind it is : Fage, Oikos, or Chobani this sister is now addicted to the greek and forever will be...Thanks Jaime!

So yesterday me and the ex hit up an old college fave of mine: Jimmy John's. I was craving with a passion some....alfalfa sprouts. Yes alfalfa sprout wtf!? So I ordered the Californian (i Think it's called) with turkey, mayo, sprouts, avocado, tomatoes, and lettuce on this amazingly yummy and chewy 7-grain bread! It was heaven.....I also realized that is was also 790 calories...WTF??? Dangit I must start checking websites BEFORE I head to these places. I could have made that SAME sandwich at home for a third of that *pouting* what a waste of money and daily calories!

Anywho just wanted to do a long awaited recap. Since I'm not focusing on my weight so much...per'se I'm thinking of doing a weekly/monthly photo check in. Tell me what u think. Stay happy, healthy, and beautiful. *smooches*


  1. thats so awesome you have been taking such good care of yourself! especially with the gym-- you go girl!!

    i think its GREAT you have taken the focus off of numbers-- to be honest-- they are really insignificant -- its all about how you FEEL and when you feel healthy-- you are!

    yay for wholefoods :) and thanks so much for the greek yogurt shout out!! so glad you like it! what's your fav? fage 2% is heaven to me!!

    xoxox j

  2. You sound so much better...and happier. I LOVE Whole foods .I go weekly.
    I think monthly or bi-weekly pics would be awesome and make you work harder toward your goal. I have been toying with the idea of before and after pics myself :-/

  3. I'd love the monthly check in =) & yes, let go of those numbers! I find myself addicted to the scale...

    Whole Foods is the absolute best. I just had a new one open by me (15 mins) - I am in heaven! You sound like life is good & that's the best bit of this post =)