Wednesday, May 6, 2009

the downhill spiral

Ok after all that hard work on this relationship. I must say me and my "loving boyfriend" have parted ways for the final time and *sigh* it's so hard. It's actually wrecking my diet. I just find myself really not hungry and I cant workout on an empty stomach some people can but I just can't I wont last long...5 minutes...TOPS! Yesterday I bought myself a new phone to make myself feel better before work. When I got to work I had a bowl of chili at 6 pm and realized that was the first thing I'd eaten all day. Unfortunately it is was the only thing, cause theres this ever present queasiness in my stomach right now....I know it sounds strange but I get physically ill w/ heartbreak..LOL my body isn't handling this too well but the rest of me is okay mentally I'm taking the good with the bad. To push myself I came up with a little project. I am having a professional photoshoot in 2 months. It's something I always wanted to do and I want my workout to really show when I look at those pics. I know it sounds weird. I felt compelled to write a lil something since I've been MIA a few day *muah* take care....the princess


  1. Breakups suck cocks in hell (sorry, but there it is). When your world is out of control, sometimes it helps to control the one thing you can. What you eat.

    I know you feel naseaus. But try eating just a small bite of something every couple of hours. Half an apple. A tablespoon of peanut butter. A glass of milk. A half a muffin. Fuel your body to get you through the day. You will come out the other end happy and in control. I promise.


  2. I know where your coming from. I just went through a really hard breakup after a VERY long relationship. The ache and pain you feel will go away. Take some time for you...but LOVE you the whole time. Don’t let all the hard work go because of anyone else. Stay prayerful and know that you will be ok....if not better :-)

  3. Oh, girl, I'm so sorry. Breakups are terirble. I remember one break up I stayed on teh couch for one full week and barely eating. I just slept most the time and cried the rest of the time.
    It'll take time but you'll be back to normal. Just take care of YOU. Have a little broth, fruit just something to keep the metabolism going. You wanna look hot for that photo shoot. :)

  4. **hugs**

    sorry to hear that...breakups are never fun. hope things start looking up soon!!

  5. I'm so sorry. That's never easy, even if you're okay with it, it's difficult.

    Glad you bought yourself a phone, and I love the photo shoot! What a cool thing. I hope you get your appetite back soon.


  6. Oh, so sorry princess :( But, keep in mind that you need to take care of yourself - inside and out. {hugs}

  7. bleck - sorry about the emotional roller coaster your on. The good news? You are doing great & exactly where you need to be! Just keep taking it one day at a time!

    And...the BEST news? You are still beautiful, breakup or not!

  8. ((HUGS)) break-ups are never easy BUT sometimes, it is for the best. Keep shining & try not to let it break your stride =)